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Get festive in French (with English subtitles)

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In French With Subtitles


For the enthusiastic New York Francophile and cinephile, “In French with English Subtitles,” the city’s premier French film festival, will hold it’s third annual festival on December 2 – 4, 2011.


Comprising of a total of nine films, all with English subtitles, the event is perfect for French film lovers with varying commands of the French language. The event will open with a gala on the evening of December 2 at 7:30 PM, which will include special appearances by actor Yvan Attal and producer Patrick Gimenez. They will present Missing People’s Research, the nail-biting new thriller by Franck Mancuso – never before seen this side of the Atlantic!


Monsieur Attal returns on December 3 at 8:00 PM to present Christophe Ruggia’s Dans la tourmente (In Turmoil), followed by presentations of ilms by Eric Lavaine (Bienvenue à bord) and Jennifer Devoldère (Et soudain tout le monde me manqué).


The festival’s goals are to expose the American public to the beauty and intricacy of French film, but also to benefit a noble cause: a percentage of proceeds from the festival will go to the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and Western New York, as well as Entraide Française.


By Jake Flanagin