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Experimental Cocktail Club

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Wine may be the most iconic Parisian drink, but in recent years, the cocktail has also found a place in the City of Light’s cobblestoned streets, thanks in part to Experimental Cocktail Club.


In 2007, Romée de Goriainoff, Olivier Bon, and Pierre-Charles Cros took inspiration from the bar scene in New York in creating l’Experimental Cocktail Club, a speakeasy on rue Saint Sauveur in the Second Arrondissement. The lone cocktail bar of hip Parisian nightlife, l’Experimental Cocktail Club quickly drew crowds and a fair amount of buzz for their cocktails that paid homage to some of the best New York City bars. A few years later, the founders opened a second location in London.


Now, l’Experiemental Cocktail Club founders are giving back to the city that inspired its existence with a Lower East Side location that opened in late April. Here their seasonal, artisanal cocktails have some company, but where the original location brought a bit of New York to Paris, New York’s Experimental Cocktail Club brings some definite Parisian flair to the New York cocktail scene.


Though options for cocktail-seekers in New York aren’t as rare as they are in Paris, Experimental Cocktail Club has established a place for itself in the world of fancy drinks. Inside the cozy, highly stylized space, cocktail fans can choose from a menu of 14 libations made by mixologist Nicolas de Soto and munch on bar snacks supplied by the much-talked-about eatery Fat Radish. There’s also a single beer option, but at a place called Experimental Cocktail Club, why bother?


One of the more recent bars to join the artisanal cocktail trend, Experimental Cocktail Club is definitely worth a visit, especially for those revelers looking for a touch of Paris to add to their New York City nightlife.

Experimental Cocktail Club is located at 191 Chrystie Street in Manhattan. Reservations are strongly recommended.


By Monica Burton