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Tribeca Film Festival: 2 Days in New York

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2 Days in New York first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, but while making the festival rounds, the July Delpy film stopped at Tribeca Film Festival right here in its title city.


Delpy’s sequel to her 2007 film 2 Days in Paris takes some of the same characters and puts them in New York. Marion (played by Delpy) has broken up with Jack (Adam Goldberg’s character in the first movie) after having a child. She moves in with Mingus (Chris Rock) and when her family comes to visit, various French-American culture clashes ensue.


The movie follows the same basic formula as the prequel in this way, though this time around, the French characters are also out of their element. But just as with Marion’s significant other in the first film, Mingus’s meeting with Marion’s family leads him to question their relationship.


Delpy’s father is as hilarious as he was in the first movie, and Rock’s Mingus is a great addition to the cast playing the straight man to the Delpy’s outrageous Marion.


In 2 Days in New York, as with the 2 Days in Paris, some of the laughs are expected while others feel enjoyably fresh. And though you don’t need to see the first movie to appreciate the second, if you haven’t yet seen 2 Days in Paris, it is the best introduction into Delpy’s filmmaking— a brand of comedy that invites you to laugh at stereotypes while tackling some of the deeper intricacies of human relationships.


So much about 2 Days in New York makes it the perfect film for French Culture Guide Readers. The dialogue is in both French and English and, essentially, the film is about the blending of the French culture with the New York City lifestyle – perfect for readers of the French Culture Guide!


Tribeca Film Festival ended April 29th, so keep an eye out for this, and all the French and Francophone films that appeared at the festival to arrive in New York theaters in the coming year.


By Monica Burton